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About us

!Spanglish! Origins:

I was called to international missions at the age of 15. Of that I am positively sure! I’ve known it since my first mission trip to Belize, Central America. It was sunset & I was riding in the back of a truck across an orange grove when I was moved to tears by the overwhelming beauty of God’s creation & at the privilege of getting to experience it so deeply! At that moment, I heard these words in my heart, unmistakably clear, ” you will be doing this for the rest of your life”.

jenny phillipoff

That trip left me with a clear vision for my future & I was ready for it! I came home and learned Spanish. After that I started collecting as many languages as I could so that I would be helpful wherever I was sent. But then something strange happened. One circumstance after another & I could not seem to get myself back on the “mission field”. I trusted God. I knew He had a plan for me & I knew He had called me for His purposes. But for His own reasons, he had me sit out a few seasons. During that time, I ended up going to Fashion Design school. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion & design but how was this degree going to help lead people into a relationship with their creator & their soul’s purpose?!

Now here we are almost 2 decades after Belize & God is just now letting me see a little of His plan in all of this! Without me knowing it, God was setting me up to create an accessory line that helps people! Something that blends my passion for people, language & creativity. ¡Spanglish! is a brand that invests in the lives of the artisans who make it & make the wearer feel beautiful & confident! I guess we never fully understand God’s plan for us. But if we keep our hearts open to His will & stay focused on Him, He will show us what we were created for!

Love & Adventure,
Jenny Phillipoff