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Arrow Root Bangle : Chiquita “Black & Whites”


(Chiquita refers to the .5 inch size) These bangles are made with pride by the Zenu tribe of Colombia, South America!

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( $12 per bracelet )
Arrow Root Bangle bracelets are one-of-a-kind & it would take us 1 million years to photograph them all individually… so, they are taken in color stories. Brights are hot colors! Requests for specific colors & designs seen in this picture are accepted in the “Note” section at Checkout. We will do our best to accommodate special requests, however colors and designs are not guaranteed! We will get as close to the bangle in the picture as possible! We want you to be happy!If no request is made you will receive a surprise “bright” Arrowroot Bangle!
Order a few bracelets for variety! All of them are amazing!

Arrow Root Bangles are handmade by the Zenu tribes of Colombia, South America. The bracelets are made from a tall palm grass & have a flexible opening so they fit just about everybody! This traditional weave has come to be considered a symbol of cultural identity in Colombia & is used in the Colombian National hat. These bracelets are not only a fun addition to any arm party, but buying them helps keep this beautiful tradition alive for the Zenu tribes!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 x 0.5 in


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