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Classic Babero Beaded Bibb “bib necklace” white/ pink/ orange / nude

Babero ( Bib ) Neck-lace!


Babero ( bib ) Neck-laces hang about 2.5 inches from your collar bone ….

& are made by Maya Tribes in Guatemala & as always we work directly with our artisans to ensure they are treated & paid fairly for their work so that they can earn a living & continue making magical things like these!

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I always have to think a lot about what to call each style name so that it translates well and this one was a doozy…In english this style necklace is usually called either a collar or a bib. Well, “collar” is also the word for necklace in Spanish, pronounced “co-yar”… It’s not a particular kind of necklace so for my Spanish speaking customers it would be a pretty nondescript name… Babero is the word for “bib” in Spanish & it’s got the word “Babe” in it so, that’s awesome! When I ran this style by my super fashionable cousin her reaction was, “Is that like a beaded lace?” & my nerdy language oriented mind went on a tangent thinking about how it WAS actually beaded lace for your neck! And then I started wondering if that was the origin of the word neck-lace??? But, I digress…no matter what you call these babes, they are so beautiful & fun to wear! I promise you will fall in love with them!

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